Our Philosophy

Our shared philosophy at JN Solution is simple; we always strive to exceed our client’s expectations. A big part of this is that we take great pride in offering a variety of services tailored to our client’s needs in order to help them achieve their goals in creating their brand. Our focus and dedication to our clients is paramount because if our clients do not succeed we do not succeed. The determination we have to get the job done right the first time is something that not only holds us to a standard, but continues to drive ourselves harder to achieve above and beyond what is required. Someone may wonder how can a company do all of this. It is pretty simple really. The secret is having a fully engaged team working together  for our clients with integrity, unity and determination. 

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Who We Are

Jason Nichols, Founder and President of JN Solution, had a vision of starting a company which was employee focused because a “company is only as good as the people it employs”. This is something that is at the heart of every person that walks through our doors and every partnership JN Solution has. Long gone are the days of stuffy offices and dispirited employees. We bolster an open-communication atmosphere in which a diverse team of employees are encouraged to have a creative license and a voice to express themselves and their ideas. You may hear the occasional sound of flip-flops in the office, but don’t let the relaxed atmosphere fool you. We are hard at work doing what we do best, being creative.

What We Do

Our number one goal when we put out a product is to produce results that create our clients opportunity. JN Solution has a wide array of services that companies can use to help reach their business goals. We offer our talents in creating responsive web designs for our clients that allow their site to be viewable on a PC, tablet or on mobile devices. If our clients need an easy way to maintain their sites we can do that too. We offer our skills at programming content management solutions, like WordPress, to help our clients maintain a beautiful and up to date site. If spreading the word is what you need; we offer copy writing services as well as marketing and advertising services. We can create the marketing collateral that you need to get you visible to your customers. We also offer brand management services to help cater all aspects of launching your product to the consumer world. From managing product information to managing communication about the product, we can handle it. We can also help you store your data that is collected. With perfectly crafted data management solutions such as databases we can help you warehouse your information and recall it in a flash.

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