The Telecommuter

A new prospect of working has been gaining popularity among the millions of people who commute daily to their jobs. Many individuals know about the routine of having to get up early and rush out the door to sprint across the imaginary finish line that is the office door. Then the person is to work […]

Supporting Local Business

Individuals who have been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug often take chances and enter the world of business ownership. A common risk one may have is giving up the comforts of a stable work environment and going into the uncharted waters of being a new business. There are so many barriers that a business owner […]

Net 30 Friend or Foe

One of the many aspects of being an entrepreneur is being paid for products or services sold to a client. This concept is not always a cut and dry process; however, in many cases there are usually no issues receiving payments owed. A typical payment method that many business owners face in working with a […]

Brand Image – Picking the Logo

Starting a business is a very exciting venture. Many people dream to have a prospering business to afford the standard of living that is required to have the American dream. As many businesses start, the owners know from the beginning how hard it is to set themselves aside from their competition. The most obvious approach […]

Can Social Media Help Your Business?

With the advent of social media through the ever-changing atmosphere of the internet there is no limit foreseen as to how businesses can reach out to their consumers and interact with them during any hour of the day. Although social media was met in the beginning with hesitation from many, social media campaigns are one […]