Brand Image – Picking the Logo

Starting a business is a very exciting venture. Many people dream to have a prospering business to afford the standard of living that is required to have the American dream. As many businesses start, the owners know from the beginning how hard it is to set themselves aside from their competition. The most obvious approach is to offer a better product or service. However, this is not enough to keep the business alone on the tip of the consumer mind. Business owners now have to also think about their brand image. Yes, another thing to keep in mind when running your business. 

The fact of the matter is that having a good brand image is very effective in establishing brand credibility among competitors and consumers. The one item that may set apart one’s business from another is something (as simple as some may think) like selecting the right company logo. Company logos have been used to reflect a company’s identity when the company name does not call immediately to mind. For example, the Microsoft widow logo or the CBS peacock logo. These two logos are a very important part of the business as a brand. A great logo will fit the business like those perfect pair of jeans. If any of the fit is a bit off those pants get thrown in the back of the closet. 

However, once the perfect logo has come to fruition it is an asset to the company. There can be no indecision in selecting the right logo. The biggest obstacle that people have when deciding to create a logo on their own or hiring a firm to professionally create one is the amount of work that it is to create and select one. There are many hours of research beforehand that need to take place to start the brainstorming process. Then there is the initial “sticker shock” of how much it can cost to get the logo or brand off the sheet of scribbled paper into reality. A simple logo can easily cost $80 or more to design alone. The cost can rapidly rise the more detailed the design becomes. However, it’s important to grasp control over the shock and understand that a logo is just as important as an investment as other physical property (i.e equipment, personnel, office space) that have to be purchased in order to have a successful business. It’s an investment for the long run with short run results. 

If I have not expressed the importance on selecting the logo of a business fully by now, then I am going on record to state that. The right logo often cannot simply be pulled from the air and placed on paper. There are many revisions that must occur along the way. With all that said, it is always a good idea to at least seek the help of a professional as they can detect many positives or negatives that may result from a logo crafted. It is better and less stressful for the business owner to allow the creative juices of the many do the job of the individual. 

A firm will look at many aspects that cannot all be named in this short blog. The firm will take all aspects of what type of business it is as well as the locations it services. There are a multitude of options to get your brand recognized. It is simply not enough to draw a barn to create a logo for a farmer or an orange for a popular breakfast drink. A firm will be creative to incorporate important imagery in a different way to set the business aside.

So do not do this alone. Take the time needed to make the right decision for you. When in doubt turn to the professionals and let them place you on the fast track to brand credibility. There might be some investment up front, but that investment, made correctly, will provide returns for years to come.

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