Why Web Designing On Your Own Can Be Stressful

So you did it, you started a business and you want to jump on the website bandwagon. It seems pretty simple, design a site and post it online right? As many new businesses come online their leaders soon realize that having to go-it alone and build your own fully functional website is not something that is easy. In actuality it can be pretty grueling and time consuming. In addition, the consistent need of brain storming of ideas can often frustrate and stall the creative process in general. When the creative process comes to a halt it is important to take a moment and step back to reevaluate the project. Do you as a company owner and a web designer have sufficient time and resources to create the best website to support your company or brand? Do you feel as though the design process is held up due to lack of ideas or overwhelming ideas brought to the table? These thoughts are just some of the many thoughts that run through the mind of business leaders trying to cash in on the online demographic. 

Time is often a luxury that many simply do not have in abundance. Being a new business owner it seems at times that everyone and everything is scrambling to get a moment of your attention. The problem is that beginning a new web presence is often very time-consuming. If a business leader does not commit enough time to the project many mistakes can often happen. Web design is more than just picking pictures and text fonts; there are many coding and scripting segments that go on as well behind the webpage that are necessary to make an effective website. 

If finding the time to devote to developing your web presence is not enough pressure then there is the creativity phase to contemplate next. In an article for a master thesis from Subha Govindarajan the author reasons that if a person is consumed by the stress of a related project (or other events in a person’s life) can often monopolize the amount of “cognitive resources” that ones have leaving the creative process to suffer in the end. Creativity cannot be rushed. Creativity is a process that has to be inspired to unfold naturally. When we do not have enough hours in the day we often let the creative process be placed on the back burner.

So where does one go from here? For the most part some can just apply some “creative” time management skills and walk the web design path themselves. However, it is becoming more and more important to rely on a subject matter expert to help in the process. Having creative ideas and pitches come your way will make the difference. To have a new, fresh, and creative point of view is often the best feeling when it comes to being happy with your process in bringing your web presences online. I personally find it nice to pitch ideas of something creative I am stumped on to my team. When I simply can’t get past the mental block someone comes along with an idea (even if it is only in the ballpark) that sparks my own creativity. 

So tackling the behemoth that can be web design it is important to know when it is time to call in some help. Since your web presence is a make or break situation for your business you have to be able to go out of your comfort zone and realize that more minds are better than one. Having the time and the proper mindset is essential to any project.

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